Fighting for Gratitude


Fighting for gratitude? Why on earth would we be fighting for gratitude? Every four seconds the default network in our brains goes into fight, flight or freeze. We’re certainly not looking for things we’re grateful for automatically. And that’s where the internal fight begins.


We intentionally need to get our brains to scan for positivity, it does not happen naturally. A 2003 study1 by Emmons & McCullough on gratitude showed that to rewire our brains, it is NOT JUST about being grateful daily, it is getting our brains to scan for recent events. In fact we need to scan for what we are specifically grateful for in the last 24 hours. The study reports that it doesn’t matter how small or how large - it’s the activity of the brain scanning for positivity that rewires the brain.


When we express gratitude and receive the same, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible...

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Positions That Fit!

I was sitting at dinner the other night discussing how my friend chose to be an individual contributor even though he would have less “positional growth” in his company. The people managers get the promotions. “I’m not a good people manager, it doesn’t fit my personality. I know because it’s not my strength – I wouldn’t be helping others grow. Yes, I could learn but I know where I can make the biggest contribution and give the most value.”

Picture this…You go to the store to get a new shirt and you take a bunch of shirts into the dressing room. They all look good on the hangers. What’s your goal? Ultimately your goal is to find the shirt that fits best on you. As you try on the shirts, the blue shirt’s sleeves are too long. The white shirt is a bit long but really great. And the striped shirt does not fit at all.

What do you do? Do you go to another store? Do you buy the one you like best and alter it? Do you...

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Can You See Me Now? Virtual Dr. Visits Comfort During COVID19

A random Tuesday, a pandemic and a possible broken nose led my friend, let’s call her Sally, to her first introduction to how a virtual Dr. visit works. We couldn’t stop laughing as Sally gave a full rendition of her appointment. 

Dr. X- “Can you see me?”

Sally: “I can see your ceiling, can you pull your camera down?”

Dr. - “Can you see me now?”

Sally - “Now I can see the top of your head.”

“I don’t understand, has he never used the camera on his phone? Really?” She said as we were all laughing.

Dr. X - “I’m going to show you your broken bone by holding my phone up to my computer screen. Can you see that?”

Patient - “I can only see half. Hold still, I’ll take a photo and then you can move to the other side of your screen.” 

We can either imagine or have experienced this exact situation. The bottom line is that there are challenges on both sides with virtual...

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ID360 on the Dallas Passion Leaders Podcast

I have long been inspired by Kim's commitment & success in developing leaders through coaching, training, & writing. On this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with Kim and learn how she found her Passion, at a young age, and began her journey towards growing her mega-successful enterprise.

Kim, thank you for sharing your story with me and inspiring others to follow their dreams. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors.


Watch on Facebook, here:

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Kim Zoller On Conversations Live With Vicki St. Clair

Learn to transform grief into healing with Dr. Jamie Turndorf and her new book Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased. Do you have an “executive edge?” It’s almost an indefinable quality but is crucial to advancing in today’s competitive landscape. After working with over 100,000 people in the last 22 years, Kim Zoller and her co-writer Kerry Preston’s new book Enhancing Your Executive Edge: How to Develop the Skills to Lead and Succeed can help you put that promotion within your reach.

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Boundary Spanning – The Critical Leadership Tool

What do you know about the term “Boundary Spanning”?  Is this the new buzzword or leadership flavor of the month? Let’s look at what the term actually means and then I believe you will see my fascination and agree that it is here to stay!

“Interdependence” is the wave for the 21st century. That is what Boundary Spanning is about and why it is definitely a skill that expands from leadership to individual members.  It is the tool and method to build global interdependencies, which is the mutual dependence between things and can define complex systems! In this context it is used as a complex network of relationships.

Most definitions state that Boundary Spanning is “the efforts by an organization to establish connections both within and outside the organization”.   It can also mean establishing and building “bridges” between different levels of employees, like executives and managers, or even between a...

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Executive Edge. What Is It Exactly?

We ask thousands of people a year and get a variety of answers— what sets you apart? Is it your presence, the way you carry yourself? What gives you the edge over someone else? When we ask people to describe exactly what Executive Edge is and how you obtain it, most people do not know how you get it and how you really describe what it is. Make sure to go take our online assessment to find out your Executive Edge.

Go to:

More than ever before, our clients are including Executive Edge or Executive Presence in their competencies. In order to be promoted, it is a necessary competency. The problem is, how do you train for something you are having a hard time identifying, when you are not sure what the behaviors are that describe the competency? The thousands of people whom we work with every day and who sign up for our Executive Edge sessions want very specific outcomes. Where are you in your career? Do any of these outcomes match what...

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What To Do When Everyone At Work Is Out For Themselves

Featured Article in Fast Company:


When a group of ambitious workers come together, there are bound to be some ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Here’s how to deal.

If other people are affecting how we manage ourselves to the point where it is affecting our executive edge–that special quality few people possess but many companies seek–then we’d better learn to manage behaviors that are hard to deal with in our workplace.

It would be wonderful if everyone were nice to each other and had each other’s best interest at heart. But the reality is, many people are out for themselves. Sometimes it is a personality issue, and sometimes it is the way the corporate structure is set up.

What do we do with all this? It is a big issue in many companies today. But if your goal is to have executive edge and lead and succeed, you have to see the big picture and realize that a leader is only a leader when there are...

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Kim Zoller & Kerry Preston’s Featured Article In Fast Company


When a group of ambitious workers come together, there are bound to be some ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Here’s how to deal.

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