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Unleash Your Managers’ Potential Through Cohort-Based Training

September 08, 20233 min read

COVID brought no shortage of challenges for leaders. Managing remote teams, burned out employees, hybrid work models — even the most seasoned managers struggled. And the data reveals the extent of the crisis:

  • Gallup found only 35% of employees now feel engaged at work. 

  • LinkedIn reports 58% of managers say they lack the skills to lead modern teams.

  • Only 10% of managers excel at retaining team members according to Gallup.

As managers go, so goes company culture, strategic execution, and performance. But most leaders remain stuck relying on intuition rather than developing the updated capabilities that today's unpredictable environment demands.

The solution? Targeted cohort-based management training focused on emotional intelligence, effective communication, team collaboration, and coaching skills.

Management Training Delivers Powerful ROI

While many organizations deprioritize management development, statistics reveal the tremendous costs of neglect: 

  • Weak management training leads to 50% higher turnover according to Achievers.

  • The cost of losing a manager is estimated at 150% of their salary according to Gallup.

  • Poor leadership means 34% higher costs from disengaged employee productivity loss per EngageIQ.

In contrast, companies investing in managers reap huge rewards:

  • Strong development programs deliver 800% higher ROI per ATD.

  • Organizations see 50% greater retention rates from trained managers per Achievers.

  • Those that prioritize leadership skills enjoy 22% higher profitability according to Dale Carnegie.

Developing management capabilities pays dividends across the enterprise in performance, innovation, and the bottom line. But how?

The Power of Collective Learning 

While conferences, content consumption, and one-off training events each play a role, taken alone, none provides an immersive experience with reinforcement. 

Cohort-based programs unite the best of all worlds for maximum impact. Small groups of leaders learn and practice new techniques in a sustained experience that includes:

  • In-person or virtual workshops for inspiration and connections

  • Ongoing peer exchanges to share challenges and insights 

  • Skill-building activities with real-time coaching

  • Extended networking for future idea exchange

This blended model leverages collective wisdom and motivation to drive adoption of modern management practices — empathy, humility, agility, storytelling, and influence. 

An Approach Tailored for Today's Needs

Traditional corporate training often fails because it focuses on dated tactics rather than the needs of people-centered, agile leadership that today's environment demands.

Cohort programs keep learning fresh and relevant by incorporating the latest research on:

  • Neuroscience - to build empathy, trust, and inclusion

  • Design thinking - for user-focused problem solving 

  • Strengths theory - to help teams align skills and passions      

  • Agile methods - to promote iterative development and delivery

By blending proven fundamentals with emerging science, cohort-based management development provides immediately relevant skills.

The isolated learning model leaves today’s managers behind the curve. But collective cohort training empowers leaders to master the capabilities modern teams need to thrive. Unleash your management potential through the power of the cohort.

Let’s Talk! Want to learn more about our upcoming October 4th open enrollment hybrid Management Cohort Program? Contact us to explore if this immersive learning experience is the right fit for your team. Invest in your managers and accelerate their growth!

Kim Zoller

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