Lead NOT Follow...

NOW is the time to re-board, rebuild and re-invigorate your team’s energy, collaboration and creativity. 

We will help you put a plan in place to infuse a positive environment during our ever-evolving landscape.

Is Team R&R For Your Team?

What Are The Options

What if...

  • Your team is staying virtual for a while?
  • Only a portion of your team is coming into the office?
  • The week has a staggered schedule - people coming in at different times?


Anticipated anxiety of anything different can spur chronic stress leading to less connection and lower productivity. It's time to mitigate that risk by showing your teams that you are proactively here for them. 
The ROI in your people will drive positive retention and recruitment!

Need convincing that this is so critical? Take a look at the RESEARCH...


  • 67 percent of employees want more in-person work or collaboration post pandemic
  • With 41% of employees considering leaving their current employer this year...The way companies approach the next phase of work — embracing the positives and learning from the challenges of this last year — will impact who stays, who goes, and who ultimately seeks to join your company.
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Harvard Business Review

  • Research has demonstrated the importance of mentally preparing for work
  • Engagement and performance were highest when employees had mentally prepared for their return to work and their managers had demonstrated a commitment...To foster engagement post-lockdown, it’s important to make sure you’re not just physically ready, but also mentally prepared to return to work.
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Gensler Research & Insight

  • The longer we work apart from colleagues, the more being together matters. The pandemic has shown that we really miss people. We yearn for interaction and a shared work experience. We miss meetings with coworkers and clients.  We miss impromptu connections. And we miss the learning, coaching, and mentoring that comes naturally just by being together.
  • The new role of the workplace will be to build community, to reinforce culture and shared purpose and mission, and to strengthen relationships with each other
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Tailored to scope - time, onsite, online, assessments, and more...

  • Review the team's present dynamics and set goals for ultimate growth
  • Bringing your "whole" self utilizing strengths
  • Growth mindset
  • Mindful Interactions - Staying calm, focused and present
  • Work and communication styles
  • Team move-forward plan

R&R Reboot Session

  • One 3-4 hour team-building session
  • Option to add a follow-up group session
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R&R Three-Session Series

  • Three 2-3 hour monthly or quarterly team building sessions 
  • Monthly online or in-person 30 minute check-in's 
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R&R Adventure Full Experience

  • Six monthly 2-hour team building sessions 
  • Full team experiential journey over six months

Design Your Own

  • How many hours and sessions fit for your team?
  • Should you do online, onsite or both?
  • What do you need to achieve?

All Options Include

  • Planning, customization, building real-time scenarios, and facilitation
  • All members joining virtually will be included in an interactive and inclusive way
  • Building real meaningful scenarios
  • Team assessments 
  • Follow-up resources 

*Materials and assessments are additional fees

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Jon Ellis

"We knew we had to do something for our team! There was a lot of angst around meeting new team members in person and working onsite. This session was an incredible reset!"

Sandi Greenberg

"We are in the middle of the journey and it is going so well. Our staff is communicating even better than before. The ROI is already paying off. This is a must for teams to reconnect! Thank you!"