Leadership Development That Transforms. Period!

Providing customized training and development solutions

Because you can't afford to waste your time on weak business solutions that don't bring about change, we begin with your story, not our formula.

“I like the way ID360 addresses each situation with a tailored lens versus a ‘cookie cutter’ methodology.”

Global Leader - Quality and Risk Management at Microsoft Corp

Five Pillars That Drive Transformation

1. Leadership Training

ID360’s proven cohort methodology allows leaders to increase their value through skill-based training, peer learning, and stakeholder involvement.

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2. C-Suite Leadership Training & Development

ID360 understands the unique challenges that face a team of strong, high-flying leaders and provides the key, essential tools that keep your organization’s best leaders working together.


3. Building & Sustaining A Conscious Culture

ID360 delivers the "how-to" of creating and sustaining an intentional culture. Think. Act. Connect.


4. Performance Coaching

ID360 will not only help you reach your next peak, but we will also show you how to crest peak after peak throughout your career.


5. Skill Development Through Seminars & Training

ID360 addresses each facet of success—communication, leadership, culture, awareness, and diversity. 


The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

Leading in today’s changing environments and markets shifts require a different kind of leader. Businesses and their leaders can no longer rely just on technical skills. It takes culture awareness, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, personal presence and displaying professional competence to conquer future challenges. ID360 creates customized experiential leadership initiatives that encourage collaboration and arms leaders with the tools to take your company into the future. We understand that a different kind of leader requires a different kind of training and development. Our process focuses on fine-tuning key components or today’s leaders. This necessitates beginning with your story not our process.

Success from every angle.

We drive personal and professional improvement for individuals, teams, and organizations by building customized, results-oriented solutions.

As your partner in success, we’ll help create clarity that drives your business and employees to achieve multidimensional, accelerated growth on all levels.


"If your job requires you to talk to people and negotiate outcomes that directly impact how you and your business will be measured by your executive stakeholders then the executive training from ID360 will prove an invaluable tool. When people think of executive presence coaching it is usually thought of as a one dimensional approach to preparing you for advancement or speaking in front of clients. This is only part of the benefit. What I learned from my executive coach, Harriet Whiting, enabled me to plan my communications with all levels of the organization using a goal focused mentality. She taught me how to think differently, compose my emails and conversations more effectively. She taught me how to be a more strategic thinker and become more objective. This is on top of working with me on my presentation style and identifying the communication styles of others. So if you are ready and open to self-development on a holistic scale Image Dynamics (ID360) is for you. Applying the techniques and best practices will help you in all aspects of your life be it professional or personal."



What is a WOW?

If you think a tailored solution is out of your reach…think again. Your custom steps to WOW!


An accurate snapshot of leadership effectiveness right now. We run 360 assessments and behavioral interviews with key stakeholders to ensure that the leader has complete insight into leadership effectiveness and areas for development.


An aspirational leadership model that is authentic to the individual’s leadership style and personality. We work with the leader on defining their Authentic Leadership Model, articulating what they want to work towards as they develop their leadership brand in the organization.


An effective and efficient roadmap to bridge the two. Using the Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach, we leverage those who work with the leader to drive change through daily execution on the job.

Online, self-paced education.

Are you searching for the precise edge that promotes you as the leader of the future?

Develop your potential as a leader!

Professional Edge online course provides the tools and techniques to ensure that you've heard, you gain more influence, and you’re taken seriously transporting your career into the future.


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