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Twelve Incredible Modules

Each module includes short videos and a workbook chapter to help solidify your new skills

Module 1: YOU Are the Foundation

Module Outcome: Building a Strong Foundation: Without this the house falls apart


● Course Outcomes

● Your Story

● Growth Mindset

● Roadblocks

● Triggers

Section 1.1: Course Outcomes and Your Story

Watch time: 4:36 minutes

Section Outcome:

● Recognizing your story, how’s it’s shaped you to who you are today and how to use it going forward in an intentional and effective way

● Through every challenge we have the opportunity to grow

● Perception is not reality in actuality

Section 1.2: Growth Mindset:

Watch time: 3:41 minutes

● Section Outcomes:

● Leading with mindful purpose and with intention

○ Building and maintaining confidence from within

● Neuroscience & research behind mindfulness

● Growth vs Fixed mindset

● Building growth mindset in self and others

○ Rewiring the brain in the most positive way

● Inside to outside and outside to inside

● Praising effort

● Values and purpose

○ To create value and feel valued, we live by our values

Section 1.3: Roadblocks

Watch time: 4:33 minutes (“Roadblocks Option 2” video is 4:26 minutes)

Section Outcomes:

○ Recognizing your ANTS and identifying your internal roadblocks

● Becoming aware of barriers that stop us: much more than any lack of skills

● Imposter syndrome

● Noise in our heads - old narratives

● Automatic Negative Thoughts

● Getting over self-doubt

Section 1.4: Triggers

Watch time: 2:12 minutes

Section Outcomes:

○ Develop ability to recognize your triggers and successfully manage your emotions

● Overview of Emotional Intelligence Recognizing your triggers

● Not being present Amygdala Hijack

● Ways to calm down and bring yourself back thinking logically versus emotionally

Module 2: Intentional Goal Planning

Module Outcome: Methodology of setting, tracking, and measuring goals  


● Your Success Formula

● Goal-setting

● Rapid Planning Methodology

Section 2.1: Your Success Formula

Watch time: 5:05 minutes

Section Outcome:

○ Stronger results

○ Happier workplace

○ More positivity and less negativity

● Success formula tied to goals and vision

● Framework to use in every situation and interaction

● Tie in with Growth Mindset

Section 2.2: Growth Mindset:

Watch time: 4:26 minutes

● Section Outcomes:

● Intentional and effective goal-planning

● Skillful decision-based goals

○ Rapid Planning Methodology

○ Starting with results not tasks

○ Aligning tasks with outcome

○ Knowing why it’s so important: you, team, community

○ Clear alignment on behavior, brand, and goals

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Rapid planning methodology tool - RPM

● Daily tips

● Daily, weekly, monthly plan that keeps you focused on what’s most important

Module 3: Building Your Personal and Team Brand

Module Outcome: Creating your own North Star -Living your authentic self


● Building your brand aligning to your authentic self

● Living your values

Section 3.1: Your Authentic Self

Watch time: 6:02 minutes

Section Outcome:

○ Intentionally build your aspirational and authentic brand

● Building your “Story”

● Break down of how we think, what we say and what we do

● Behaviors that support the brand

● Ways of work

● Behaviors that build or sabotage the brand and overall influence

Section 3.2: Values

Watch time: 2:10 minutes

Section Outcome:

○ Align your values with your behaviors and brand

● Values and purpose

● To create value and feel valued

● Double clicking on your values: defining them and creating behaviors around them

● Building team values and vehicles to build team productivity around the brand

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Brand map to review daily

● Checking your map to your values

● Barriers, Trigger charting

Module 4: Social Reality: The Effects of Perception vs. Reality

Module Outcome: Knowing self and others perception using the foundation and brand


● The reality of perception

○ Affects

○ Research based perception models

● Perception tool

○ We don’t know what we don’t know” – learning the missing pieces and putting them into place

● Pros and cons of behaviors

● Tracking to your North Star

● Stakeholder interviews

● Knowing yourself and maintaining confidence throughout process

●Managing to the stoppers and stallers of perception

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Perception feedback tool with stakeholders

● Pre and Post interaction evaluation checklist

Module 5: Living Your Brand

Module Outcome: Living an authentic and aligned brand (Bringing it all together)


● Living an authentic and meaningful brand

● Creating a feeling for people to understand and hear you

● Continuing to exhibit purposeful behaviors

● Tying brand and behaviors to feeling – building strong brand bonding

● Tying to goals

○ Transitioning from “doer” to teacher/coach

○ Having more influence

○ Being promoted into desired role and beyond

● Accountability

○ Components of accountability

○ Individual and team

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Using social reality tools to measure efficacy

● Using RPM to track goals to brand (where appropriate)

● Team baseline and goals

Module 6: Emotional Intelligence

Module Outcome: Grow YOUR E.I. 80% of your success


● Overview

● Listening

● Empathy

● Trust

Section 6.1: Emotional Intelligence Overview

Watch time: 4:09 minutes

Section Outcome:

○ Build foundational skills and strategies to manage emotions in a constantly changing environment.

● Pillars of Emotional and Social Intelligence

● Self-awarenessOther awareness

● Social interaction

Section 6.2: Listening and Empathy

Watch time: 2:43 minutes

● Listening and Empathy

○Building the muscles

○Consistent practice

Section 6.3: Building Trust

Watch time: 2:53 minutes

● Building Trust

● The elements of trust Creating and fostering a holistic trusting environment

○ Behaviors that build trust

● Motivation – self and others

○ Level 1: Extrinsic motivation

● Pros and Cons

○ Level 2: Intrinsic motivation

● 3 necessary components

● How to accomplish this level throughout a team

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Set up stakeholders and check-in monthly

● Establish team interaction goals and track

Module 7: Conflict Management

Module Outcome: Handle conflict effectively


● Handling conflict

○ Perception and perspective

● Diffusing conflict

LEAPS model of dealing with conflicts

○ Questioning methodology

● Drama Triangle

○ Identifying where someone is on the Triangle

○ Knowing your and others’ default

○ Shifting out of triangle

● Rebuilding relationships post conflict where necessary

○ Aligning goals

○ Finding commonalities

● Asking the right questions

○ Questioning methodology

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Rebuilding relationships Baseline and goal based on conflict

Strategic Conversations

● Strategic conversations tool

● Planning

○ Difficult conversations

○ To get buy-in

○ Mapping out goal, stakeholders, critical points, benefits, roadblocks

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Tracking Outcomes

○ Repetition of conversation

● Utilization of the tool

Module 8: Coaching for Success / Feedback

Module Outcome: Manage and use feedback intentionally to make an impactful difference in your overall success.


● Feedback to Feedforward

○ Giving and getting feedback

○ Being clear

○ Questioning tree

● Coaching

○ GROW model

● Conflict Management/Resolution

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Track changes of others after coaching/feedback

● When getting feedback, check-in’s with team/stakeholders

Module 9: Problem Solving & Critical Thinking


● Asking the right questions

● The Six Hats Methodology

● Problem solving

● Parallel Thinking: Looking at all sides of a plan or challenge to drive a decision tied to the outcome

● Analyzing team goals

● What's there - What's missing - What's next

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Reporting utilization and outcomes

● Improved team brainstorming meetings

● Reduced team conflict

Module 10: Presenting / Leading Meetings to Influence


● Virtual and onsite techniques

● Presentation methodology

● Presenting technical details to non-technical stakeholders

● Engagement

○ Keeping people checked-in

○ Tools

● Dealing with conflict/differing opinions with positive outcomes

● Follow-up

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Presentation checklist – give to self and stakeholders

● Team video analysis

● Post meeting feedback tool

Module 11: Creating Productive Balance


● Juggling work/family/personal balance with work

● Quality of presence not quantity of time

● Research based

● Utilizing RPM’s (Planning Methodology)

● Staying focused on your goals outcomes

● Staying focused on your WHY!

● Running your life not letting your tasks run you

● Setting boundaries while maintaining relationships and productivity

● Creative agile and flexible lives around weekly schedule

● Knowing where vulnerability fits in

Assessing/Measuring efficacy of module:

● Established and communicated boundaries with tracking to ensure success

● Personal/Professional plan with check-in

● Check-ins

Module 12: Take Action Today

Module Outcome: Develop an action plan to enhance your own effectiveness and the team’s performance


● Personal Action Plan

● Accountability Partners Plan

● Stakeholder Feedback

● Setting Commitment

Not only will you have a one year access to the Masterclass but a 100+ page workbook and access to supportive communities and exclusive content.

Based on extensive research and teaching we invite you to explore Awake Your Potential, focusing from inner to outer mastery, from principles to consistent behavior, and from situational to universal skills.

These are just some examples of the detailed and extensive research and information provided in this Masterclass.

Together we will bridge you from where you are to where you want to be.

Are you ready to Awake Your Potential?

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