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Kim Talks About The Kim Zoller Method

Kim Talks About

The Kim Zoller Method

At ID360, we drive personal and professional improvement for individuals, teams, and organizations by building customized, results-oriented solutions.

Our C.O.R.E Values

Consciously Collaborative

● Embody the spirit of partnership by cherishing each other, our clients and our communities.

● Demonstrate adaptability by customizing tools and resources where they add impactful value.

● Create strong and long-lasting relationships by investing in our partners and their goals.

● Relentless in learning and transferring knowledge to perpetuate continuous development.

Intentionally Optimistic

● Collaborate with intentional and thoughtful curiosity.

● Passionate life long learners – live with a growth mindset.

● Demonstrate empathy and compassion through understanding.

● Promote innovation by challenging the status quo.

Live With Relentless Integrity

● Live with humility by taking ownership and being accountable (integrity) by saying what we mean and doing what we say.

● Transparent (vulnerable) communicators.

● Do the right thing – always, not just when it’s convenient.

● Create safe spaces to be vulnerable.

● Live and share our values every day through daily actions and interactions.

Empower Ourselves And Others

● Drive leadership capabilities through the transfer of knowledge, collaboration, and trusting one’s internal compass.

● Leverage inner drive and experience to instill confidence.

● Stretch ourselves and others to live out their potential.

● Give and receive open feedback respectfully.

● Demonstrate resiliency by using setbacks as step forward opportunities.

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