Meet the friends, coaches, and industry leaders who help shape Kim Zoller Method

Adrianne Court

Chief HR Officer

"Kim Zoller and her team's relentless commitment to invest coupled with integrity, sincerity and caring for the human connection results in truly becoming a trusted and engaged partner, coach and adviser to organizations and individuals."

Bronwyn Allen

CEO and President of High Profile

"Kim’s genuine approach is dynamic and her stories are ones you won’t forget!"

Denyse Medlenka

Vice President, People & Culture

"ID360 is my trusted partner in creating and building programs to develop well rounded, decisive and empathetic leaders."

Joel Litman

President & CEO, Valens Research

"She has a uniquely genuine concern and caring for her clients and partners in guiding people to reach their maximum human potential.”

Karen King

Founder of Brevity HR

"Whether it is training for executives or team members, Kim always brings insightful messages, frameworks, and enthusiasm to her programs. Her passion is to help all professionals grow and develop so everyone, regardless of title, can achieve their goals."

Katy Avila

Chief HR Officer

"The training was uniquely tailored to our organization, and its impact to Supervisors and their teams was immediate. The participants came away with an elevated awareness of how to improve themselves and also how to coach and lead others."

Lisa Keglovitz

Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources

"Kim and her many abilities are a great asset to any individual or organization. Whether it is an individual needing executive coaching or a group needing focused training and development, Kim is the person to seek out for your specific needs."

Margot Carter

Strategic SAAS Executive

"Kim assists people and teams to grow and reach their full potential. She is brilliant, passionate and cares for her clients and partners. The tools and techniques used have an immediate effect on improving individual performance and team dynamics."

Persephone Maglaya

CEO at The Media Socialites

"The Kim Zoller Method has transformed how I have grown my business effectively from a team of 3 to 45. The KZM has helped my business to implement the skills my junior and executive team need to be successful in leadership and communication skills for our Gen-Z and Millenial-based team."

Randy Golden

Experienced Beverage Sales Professional

"Kim Zoller is one of the more enthusiastic, positive, and thoughtful people I know. I am forever gleaming ways to live my live better by listening to her and discussing how we can make our lives and others better.

Rebecca Feuerstein

Director of Stakeholder Engagement

"I’ve seen Kim connect with a room of hundreds just as easily as she does in small groups and one on one conversations. She provides readily implementable tools and techniques that have an immediate impact on individual performance and team dynamics."

Reuben Davidsohn

President & Co-Founder at Relay Human Cloud

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kim on multiple occasions in both the public and non-profit sectors and in each instance, Kim helped align our leadership team on the implementation of an execution-based mission- and value-driven culture."

Rhonda Nichols

Vice President of HR

"Kim is an amazing, authentic, empathetic, and business focused leader who understands the complexities of leading in all organization sizes, stages, and disciplines. She excels in collaboration throughout the development phase, and continues that collaboration in the learning environments with the participants."

Russ Bair

Former President, projekt202

"Kim Zoller and her team have consistently impressed me with their ability to identify the needs of our team and adapt to provide an amazing experience growing each individual and bringing the entire group on an impactful journey."

Sundar Narayanan

Global Risk Management & Quality Assurance Leader

"My teams over the years have benefited tremendously from Kim’s deep insights on leadership, collaboration, emotional intelligence and career development.
What differentiates ID360 is their unique ability to leverage lessons learned from a variety of industries."

Alysa Teichman

President, Wildlike

"She has been invaluable at bringing a higher level of consciousness to our team, helping us understand how to most effectively communicate with our clients and each other, and resolving interpersonal conflict. I can't imagine living without her; she's become such a fixture for us!"

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