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Develop Leaders Who Develop People

September 15, 20233 min read

Organizations face no shortage of challenges today: disruption, retention difficulties, digital transformations, and hybrid work, just to name a few. But one factor rises above all in overcoming adversity and seizing opportunity: leadership.

Visionary, empathetic, and agile leaders steer companies toward greatness. Unfortunately, research suggests most organizations fall short of cultivating the leadership capabilities needed to thrive. Consider:

  • Just 35% of employees are engaged at work, according to Gallup, a reflection of poor leadership.

  • Only 10% of managers are good at engaging team members, per Gallup.

  • 58% of leaders say they lack the skills to lead modern remote teams, per LinkedIn.

Companies investments in leadership development no longer keep pace with the demands of today's environment. But those willing to commit reap tremendous rewards.

  • Organizations strong in leadership training see 50% higher retention rates, according to Achievers.

  • Those who prioritize leadership skills enjoy 22% greater profitability, per Dale Carnegie.

  • Companies strong in development see 800% higher returns on training investments, according to ATD.

Conversely, lackluster leadership carries heavy consequences:

  • Gallup estimates that 75% of turnover is due to bad management and a lack of development.

  • Weak management means 34% higher costs from lost productivity, according to EngageIQ.

  • The cost of losing just one manager is 150% of their salary, according to Gallup.

In today's unprecedented business climate, developing exceptional leaders is truly a strategic imperative. Here's how to invest wisely:

Cultivate Connectors and Coaches

The command-and-control management style remains prevalent yet wildly outdated. Today's leaders must evolve into connectors and coaches who:

  • Inspire shared vision and purpose—rally people around meaningful goals and shared identity.

  • Catalyze collaboration and tap collective intelligence to drive innovation and results.

  • Develop strengths—help people identify and apply their unique talents.

  • Provide mentorship—guide people's professional and personal growth.

  • Champion work-life balance; encourage employees to prioritize health and avoid burnout.

Training focused on emotional intelligence, empathy, and humility shapes leaders into compassionate humanistic guides, not just task-drivers.

Commit to Continuous Learning 

One-time leadership trainings have a limited shelf life. To truly evolve, organizations must embrace continuous learning through:

  • Assessment-based learning: regular 360 reviews identify development areas.

  • Cohort-based training—immersive peer learning—drives the adoption of new skills.

  • Mentoring programs: experienced leaders share wisdom with emerging talent.

  • Job rotations: new roles build perspective and diverse capabilities.

Ongoing development through experiential learning ensures leaders stay relevant amid constant change.

Make Managers Your Multipliers

While executive vision matters, your frontline managers shape day-to-day culture and performance. Yet manager training is often an afterthought. Prioritize developing managers into:

  • Inspirational communicators convey vision and rally commitment.

  • Strengths-focused coaches nurture talents through supportive feedback.

  • Inclusion champions foster welcoming, egalitarian cultures.

  • Agile facilitators help teams embrace change nimbly.

Exceptional managers directly impact retention, innovation, and execution. Leadership capabilities fuel breakthrough results.

The challenges ahead demand resilient, connected, and empowering leaders. While cultivating such leaders requires commitment, the payoff across the customer and employee experience is invaluable.

Rising to today's challenges means developing the leaders who develop the people. When companies invest in human potential, they unlock collective potential capable of transcending any obstacles. Are your leaders up for the challenge?

Let's Connect! Want to learn more about our cohort-based leadership development program? Reach out to explore if our next cohort is the right fit for your emerging leaders. Now is the time to build the leadership capabilities that spell the difference between struggling and thriving. Schedule a discovery call to learn how we can develop and customize leadership training to best fit your needs and teams!

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