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Let It Flow

December 30, 20222 min read

Push, go, make it happen…my mantra for most of my life. As we close out this calendar year, I reflect on one theme I have learned this year.. let it flow, stay in flow, choose flow!

Now let me be clear, I may have learned it, but implementing this learning has definitely not been easy. The funny thing about this previous statement is that if I were in flow 100% of the time, it would have all been easy!

I have spent a lifetime learning and driving, learning and implementing, learning and pushing to learn something more, learning and making sure the learning is put into some kind of action.


Whether it was an amazing conversation with Tony Robbins or a conversation with my kids, friends, clients, colleagues, business partners - the messages didn’t stop until I did.

Slow down, breathe, let it flow!

“Wait,” I said, “does that mean I don’t go out of my way to connect with new clients or grow my business?” Actually, no. That’s not what it means! It means, be there to serve others and then let go!

This may sound easy but for an overachiever in every area of my life, this has taken - and continues to take - consistent and active practice.

In my relationships, this has been my biggest ah ha! When you’re in flow - the right people are in your life. And when you have to work too hard, you’re not in flow! That should not be confused with working on ourselves to show up as the best version of ourselves. Or with working hard in general! To me it means working to make something happen at all costs.

“80% of a relationship is who you pick! Which part of you is showing up 80% of the time. It is the “you” you bring to the relationship!” I heard Tony Robbins say that years ago and it is so clear to me now how that relates to “let it flow.” When we breathe and allow ourselves to show up as our best selves, we are in flow. As Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist noted for his research and view on epigenetics, says, “When we raise our vibration we are in harmony with others who have the same vibration.”

Going into 2023 I choose to raise my vibration and let things flow. I choose things to be easier and lighter. When we do this we change ourselves, our relationships, our relationship with the universe.

Cheers to you, the end of 2022 and here’s to an incredible 2023 for all of us. A 2023 of flow, high vibrations of light, love, health and wealth.

      -  Kim Zoller

Kim Zoller

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